Six puppies are rescued by police from a parkway. After they got lost in the street

Dogs are adorable, but when they go lost, they are helpless, therefore we must do all in our power to help. ❤❤

The cops pursued these pups because they ran off and lost track of how to go home.

The news of police hunting escaped runaways is not usually very exciting. The tale of six pups who had to be rescued by police after a “prison reak” has recently gone viral on the internet.
The Marietta, Georgia Police Department reported on Facebook that six pups ran to the road before their owners discovered they were missing.

When the report came through, police officers raced over to the scene to discover the “bad” dogs and ring them inside.

The organization came up with the moniker “PAW Patrol”—which stands for “Puppies Aimlessly Wandering”—in a brilliant move.

Haha. Look at these pups, they let the police hold them, and the officers appear to be having a nice time too.
Fortunately, all of the puppies were located without incident and returned to their guardians.
Despite the incident’s amusing and endearing character, the group issued a warning to dog owners to make sure their gates can prevent pets from going out and perhaps becoming lost as well as to supply their animals with collars and ID tags in case they went missing.

Many individuals praised the officers’ efforts and asked that other police agencies launch their own “PAW Patrol” when the story went viral online.

One person said on Facebook, “I don’t know who’s cuter, the paw patrol or the dogs.” I appreciate all you do.
Good luck to them all. Haha, they all made this situation seem so positive.

We are grateful that the police located and saved these six pups!




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