Homeless Man Finds Tiny Chihuahua Dumped On Side Of Highway And Jumps Into Action To Save Him

Angel Janes was driving home on a cold day of the winter when she suddenly spotted a homeless sitting on the sideroad. At first, she thought that is nothing unusual, however, when she noticed that this man was trying to warm up a little puppy with his blanket, she pulled over and approached him.

Angel was so surprised by Ron’s action and decided to have a talk with him. Long after they chatted, Ron asked Angel if she could find a nice home for the small pup he found two hours ago. He told her that he saw the pup’s former owner dumping it in the middle of the street and as Ron was scared that a car would hit the pup he immediately went to pick it up.

“I was moved by this heartfelt person in the small time we spoke,” Angel told The Dodo. “He was just trying to do the right thing so that this puppy wasn’t homeless like me.”

Despite that the little Chihuahua was in good hands, Ron made it clear to Angel that unfortunately, he isn’t able to take care of the pup, Angel also couldn’t take the abandoned pup with her, however, she came up with an idea. She posted the touching story on her social media. Shortly after a woman named Kathleen Dallman reposted the story, a lady who saw on social media the given location of Ron, decided to drive by and pick up the pooch.

“A lady was on her way to pick up the puppy to foster him a few minutes after I posted it,” Kathleen told The Dodo. “She gave Ron $50 as a token of her appreciation for keeping him safe. ‘No, I just wanted to do the right thing,’ he explained. But she insisted on him taking it.

Ron was moved to tears when the woman arrived to pick up the chihuahua. 

Kathleen stated, “He was in tears because he was able to help the dog find a home.” “He stated he understood what it was like to be homeless and that he did not want the dog to remain homeless.” 

The lady was willing to foster the pup till they find him his forever home. It didn’t take long for Chasity Guyer and her daughter to want to bring the small puppy into their home. She took him in and named him Lucky Louie. 

Lucky Louie is now happier than ever.

Kathleen, however, kept on thinking about Ron.

“I was so relieved that everything had worked out for the puppy, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Ron,” she explained. “He didn’t even have a place to sleep. As a result, I created a GoFundMe campaign for him. I wasn’t sure if anyone would donate, but after spreading the news, it grew to $500.” 

The GoFundMe page raised more than $6,800. 

After the first $400 was raised, she withdrew it and went in search of Ron to offer it to him. He was really taken aback. 

Kathleen stated, “He was in tears.” “He couldn’t believe the community would do such a kind thing for him. When I handed him the money, he asked for a portion of it to go toward the dog’s treatment. But I assured him that it was only for him.”

Ron told Kathleen that he was going through a rough patch and that this money would transform his life. He was able to get off the street that night and buy a cell phone to look for work. His good deeds continue to bring in donations, so we hope he is able to get back on his feet soon. 

“Now that he has a phone, we can contact him,” Kathleen explained. “He is desperate to find work. Everyone, like the dog, deserves a second shot in life.” 

We are all so happy for little Lucky Louie, but also very blessed for Kathleen not hesitating to help Ron also!




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