Man takes his paralysed dog on wagon every day so she can still enjoy the world

Such and kind and caring man, she is a beautiful girl and it’s wonderful to see she is living her life to the fullest because of you. Well, one man from Massachusetts is being hailed a hero on social media for his effort in going above and beyond to make sure his paralysed ed dog can still enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

While out for a stroll in Shubie Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Bryant Thompson noticed a man pushing his dog behind him in a cart. Then, Thompson made his way over to the dog’s owner and struck up a conversation.

It was then he learned that the dog has ALS and is unable to walk on her own. ALS and other types of chronic myelopathy are common in aging dogs, especially bigger dogs.
But this man wasn’t willing to let this disease stop his girl from experiencing a dog’s greatest passion roaming the great outdoors…!

To prevent his daughter from becoming a prisoner of the world, he would take her on romantic wagon trips.

Dogs are among the nicest animals on the planet, so we should treat them with the utmost respect.
This is how we should all treat our animals and one another—with love and respect, just as we would like to be treated.
What a remarkable dude… You are a hero, sir, for allowing your beloved child to appreciate the outdoors by taking him on rides!

Animals are so precious and they deserve all the love and care we can give them.
Thank God there are people who REALLY love and care for their animals. Thank you for taking such good care of her.




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