In thе gаrbаgе, а hоmеlеss dоg triеd tо givе а раw tо еvеrуоnе, if оnlу thеу wоuld hеlр him

A homeless dog attempted to give a hand to everyone in the crowd if only they could assist him.

This winter, the weather was variable and a real thaw arrived to replace the numerous frosts. Rainy days, when the skis dumped water mixed with ice on the ground, weren’t uncommon. The features of a shephard were visible in Berta, who had a thicker and more curly coat than is typical for her breed and appeared at the entrance every evening, waiting for her beneficiary to arrive. Strangle dogs were treated badly in the area; people preferred to throw leftover food in the trash instead of giving it to strangle animals.

Berta was a large dog, but those who did not know her well may have found her appearance to be frightening. The dog was dead and intoxicated, yet as soon as she spotted the girl, she approached her—not only for food, but also just to be near someone. The long embraces and pochukhivnia were the reason the dog initially enjoyed these encounters.

The girl planned to put Berta in one of the shelters as a volunteer, but regrettably, there were no open spots. The girl attempted to feed the dog and show some emotion to her. Other street dogs were happy to meet and eat, but they made no attempt to approach the child herself.

The change occurred one morning when Bryd barked loudly to let the girl know she was already there. The volunteer took some of the food, but she was visibly upset when she saw her watch. The dog was clearly there.

The dog was obviously cold; its fur was covered in snow; and in some spots, it even had ice on it. The dog gave his benefit while standing in a puddle that had already started to be covered with ice. The girl realized that it would be even harder to survive on Bertha Street, so she started to consider how to lure the dog into the entrance as she was always driven out of there. The volunteer didn’t know how to train a large dog to follow the girl because the daughter didn’t have a collar for Berta. Bernard closely followed the girl and appeared to understand what they wanted from her. Berta approached the girl as she approached the door and swiftly entered the foyer.

The dog waited on the rug at the girl’s departure to be invited farther or not. Once inside, Berta battled the girl’s mother, behaved sexily, and gave the woman a paw on command. The dog just requested a small reaction for his illustrative behavior, particularly when the woman scratched her behind the ears. Being at the apartment, for the first time, Bernarda didn’t even pay attention to the food since she was already content with how warm it was. Instead, the women washed and dressed her while also offering for her to lie down on a soft blanket. After all the procedures, Bertha fell asleep smiling and cuddling the toy, which she thought was the best present imaginable.




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