Cooped up in the hot sun, infested with ticks and without water, but the nightmare is over

One of the most abhorrent things a person can commit is intentionally harming, tormenting, or inflicting harm on another living being. There are several, increasingly infamous methods of doing it. However unbelievable or bizarre it may appear to us, there are people who are so irresponsible and inconsiderate with their dogs that they cause us to lose our sense of wonder. fancy4work writes

Five pups were discovered abandoned in a cave in a ravine near Tabaida, Tenerife, Spain, without food or water.

The dogs’ miserable condition when they were discovered by the Civil Guard’s police authority indicated that they had been in this dreadful circumstance for some time; they were physically frail to the bone and had ticks in their bodies and ears.
The security forces’ shocking photos show the five dogs laying limp in the sweltering heat and harsh sunlight that are typical during the summer on this Canary Island, which is situated just south of Morocco.

The officers decided to act right away because the infection that had developed in their ears was a Dantesque spectacle. They tore down the fence keeping them apart, took them in their arms, and transported them to the Albergue Comarcal Valle Colino, a protector of the area, where they are being cared for and treated by qualified staff.

Because animals are sentient beings with feelings and the ability to suffer, he continued, “it is important for the citizen to oppose all forms of animal abuse. This is not a custom, but rather that a culture is developed, for being against the mistreatment of all sorts of animals. the hostel’s representative.

According to the material that has come to light, it appears that the area hunter who would be in charge of the dogs had previously been recognized and reported to the police, but his case has not yet found resolution.

“The law governing the humane treatment of animals controls the sale of animals and creates penalties for those who neglect or abuse their pets. The representative said, “It must be verified that they have enough room, food, or water for however long is required.

Unfortunately, we humans still believe that we are superior to all other species of life. For the same reason, plenty of people still abuse their dogs and abandon them at their own peril, treating them like trash or like a blade of straw blowing in the wind.

It is difficult to comprehend why some individuals treat their animals with such selfishness and carelessness. But luckily, there are also some who are not like that, and it is their traits that should be admired and emulated. Everything is done to ensure the health of every living creature on our beautiful blue planet.




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