Some people are capable of doing such heinous things that the rest of us feel ashamed to be part of the same species. Animals are far superior to humans in every way. In the wild, they only attack when they are starving or afraid; they never kill or torment for fun.

Our unfortunate heroine was owned by a vicious individual who not only delighted in tormenting her but also buried her alive and left her to perish. French mastiff Athena (Dogue De Bordeux). A wonderful Samaritan recently discovered her buried alive while walking his dog. Something protruded from the soil, which he saw. Knowing it was the dog’s head, he decided he had to take urgent action.

On August 4, Athena was discovered buried and alive. She was only partially buried, and since she was only partially buried, it appears that she was able to extricate her head on her own. She remained tethered to the earth, though, so she was unable to entirely release herself. She was tied to the ground and unable to fully release herself. The dog of her savior also extended a helping paw.

Her name, Goddess, is perfect because it combines Athena and Goddess. Throughout the rescue, Goddes never stopped praising the poor dog. Because Athena was dehydrated, her savior offered her little sips of water. Giving her a lot of water at once could be harmful to an animal that is already dehydrated.

Because the rescuer didn’t want to hurt the dog, he used his hands rather than a shovel, which slowed down the task. The poor animal was taken to a nearby veterinary facility, where she was examined for shock and dehydration. The veterinarians determined that she was at least 10 years old and had experienced continuous, severe mistreatment. In the picture, Athena is posing with two brand-new Rottweiler pals. She is attempting to adjust to a life with supportive friends, a caring family, and adequate care.

Thanks to the ID tag, the authorities were able to track down Athena’s owner. It was discovered that he lived close to the vacant lot where Athena was discovered in Paris. He insisted that he had nothing to do with it and said she had fled. The evidence, however, indicated otherwise. It was clear that the dog had been mistreated over an extended period of time, and she had osteoarthritis, which would have made it challenging for her to flee.
The owner, who is 21 years old, was taken into custody on Saturday afternoon and will face charges of animal cruelty. May is the date set for the trial. A petition was created calling for the maximum punishment, which is 2 years in prison and a $33,000 fine.

The petitioners further ask that his request for bail be denied since they think that harming animals is only one step away from harming people.




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