Deaf Shelter Dog With Skin Condition Finally Meets Someone Who Believes In Him

Roman would be pardoned if he shut down almost immediately after getting to the refuge. Not only was he confused as to how he ended up in the Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, but he was also in physical and emotional pain.

He had certainly spent a long time resting on concrete because his coat was completely worn off. Additionally, his skin was totally diseased. Roman painted a picture of sorrow with his worn-down teeth and frayed ears. The fact that he was deaf just made him feel more alone.

But others heard his cries for assistance. Volunteers posted a picture of the confused dog they had spotted curled up in the shelter online.

Reversed Rescue’s founder, Tye Friis, was unable to take his eyes off her.

According to Friis, “He was in horrible form.” “He had clearly spent an awful amount of time in the sun. His skin was absurd.”

“Yeah, man, I can’t let that guy stay there, I thought. I must make every effort to assist him.”

When Friis arrived at the animal shelter, he saw a dog that was showing his first signs of gratitude despite being sad and bewildered.

According to Friis, “it was just an instant connection when I got down.” “He was the most appreciative, grateful dog you can think of. Thank you, I don’t want to be here, he said.”

Fortunately, Friis could speak with the dog using motions and signs because he knew Roman’s language. He simply paid attention and made himself available to me so I could learn, says Friis. But there were those issues later. He really had every flaw, says Friis, “and we ran through a list coming out the gate.”

Worms infested Roman. His teeth were chipped. that skin, too. Much of it was covered in a yeast infection, which gave the dog an odor of pure stench. Roman’s laundry list of aches and pains would eventually go away.

According to Friis, “He still has the spots that will never ever come back.”

And as his bond with Friis deepened, so did the strength of his heart.
According to Friis, “For a dog that had nobody around him, he advanced so fast.” He is a dog who craves attention and your devotion. He merely desired to adore all creatures. Roman was prepared for a real home after spending four months in Friis’ care, during which he made friends with a group of new siblings and a cat that was incredibly tolerant.

That call was answered by Rob Whitaker and Diane.

The dog, who had previously fully shut down, then awoke to a brand-new life.

Roman, though, would see his hero once more. His family took him there on a visit about five months later.According to Friis, “He just leaped out of the car.” Nothing but kisses followed.

Considering that some acts of generosity are irreplaceable. Consider making a donation to Reversed Rescue so that it can continue its work saving pets like Roman.




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