Milo Who Disappeared for 43 Days, Is Back Home After Being Found at Bottom of Silo

Milo, who was missing for 43 days, has returned home after being discovered in the bottom of a silo.

Following a traumatic 43 days of being separated from his family, a dog from Michigan has been reunited with them. Fortunately, Milo, a 4-year-old ringer Samuel who was stranded at the bottom of a silo over 20 miles from his home, was found earlier this week.

Milo went missing on January 8 and while he was found in early February, the investigation was unsuccessful. The family of Milo spread the word about their missing pet, sharing stories about him and hoping someone in the neighborhood could help them find their much-loved dog.

On Sunday, Milo’s family received the information they had been waiting for. On its Facebook page, Kent County Animal Shelter announced that Milo had been discovered that morning at Sand Lake, Michigan. He had been discovered after apparently falling through a hole in the ground inside of a bunker-style silo.

The post states, “The dog has been heard barking for a few days per local inhabitants.” “Our caller had looked about and believed he was stranded behind a silo so phoned Animal Control for help,” the operator said.

Milo was discovered within the silo by the neighborhood animal control officers; the smooth, 10-foot walls prevented him from climbing out after falling inside. Officers were able to get Milo out of the silo with the assistance of three good Samaritans, one of whom had extensive experience in animal control.

Milo was successfully matched with his missing dog description thanks to Local Paws LLC, a local organization that assists owners in finding their lost dogs. The anxious 6 weeks Milo spent missing in the Michigan cold cost him 33 pounds, and his family hurried to find their beloved pooch.
The shelter said that “he quickly recalled them and many tears were shed from everyone.”
Milo was reunited with his family, and we are overjoyed to hear that he is doing well.




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