A dеаf hikеr fеll 300 fееt, but whеn shе wаs finаllу disсоvеrеd, shе wаsn’t аlоnе

A deaf hiker fell 300 feet, but when she was finally found, she wasn’t alone herself. Amelia Milling, a deaf woman from Tennessee, isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. While most people her age choose to stay at home and play with their iPhones, she prefers to go on adventures. She then made the decision to embark on a three-day hike in Alaska, one of North America’s most challenging terrains.

She slipped and fell down the side of an Alaskan mountain after losing her balance. She fell around 300 feet before collapsing into a ledge and plunging another 300 feet. Fortunately, she didn’t break any bones and could still walk.

Amelia even came across a “guardian angel” in the form of Nanook, a white Alaskan husky puppy. She initially mistook it for a white wolf. Amelia was worried because wolves may hurt humans. When the white dog arrived,

Closer, Amelia noticed that it was wearing a collar. He was a guide dog who worked on the mountain to find and bring back lost hikers to the trail. When I first saw Nannook, I mistakenly thought he was a wolf. The moment I saw the little cormorant, I knew he was there to help me.

Nanook didn’t go; instead, he helped Amelia escape the track and stayed at her side the whole night. He even collapsed when she failed to navigate the chilly waters of Eagle River Crossing.

her out by her backpack straps. As I opened my tent in the morning, I realized he was truly committed to me, Amelia said. He was up the entire night next to me. He also offered more assistance.

Amelia might have used her GPS transmitter to send a signal if anything went wrong, but she really decided to use it for assistance. The signal was picked up by Alaska State Police, and a rescue helicopter arrived to transport her to safety.

security, with Nanok by her side. Even though the rescuers helped her return home, she still thinks that Nanook is the true hero. “I presume that the dog is a guardian angel.” I repeatedly told him that I loved him and wouldn’t ever forget him.

Watch this video to learn more about Amelia’s experience with Nanook:




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