Dog Awaits a Hug From His Favorite Postman Every Day

One and a half-year-old golden retriever Moose doesn’t get along with hospital staff as well as some dogs do. Ever since he first met him, he has been prepared for hugs from the new postman in the neighborhood, and he has a very special fondness for him.

Everything started when a new mailman was given the delivery route in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which includes Moose’s house. The dog fled and waited in a driving way, hoping to make new friends, as soon as he noticed the new vehicle being driven toward his house.

Without a doubt, Moose wanted to embrace and kiss his mailman since they both seemed to be connected in some manner and felt the same way. It was so precise, Moose’s mother Meghan Griszynski said to the dodo. He treasured how much more Moose needed to greet him and how much more he cherished our baby. The two of them no longer anticipate the postman’s arrival; it has become routine. A dog’s kind greeting can make anyone’s day better, so the postman’s visit must have been particularly amusing.

Meghan discovered that her dog had abandoned her not long before she met the mailman, and that he had been a significant reality check in her ability to move on from that setback. This information came to her in her quest to get to know the mailman better. She said: “I just learned that our mailman’s dog had vanished.” Every time he settles on his bed, the Moose showers him with love, which he adores. Now, when the mailman, whose job it is to deliver mail, arrives at Moose’s ranch, he receives a wonderful surprise—almost like a gift of motivation and inspiration. May it last for a very long time, she wished. It should be enjoyable to witness his development as he will serve as our postman until he retires.




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