Summer fireworks made ρitbull to run away from home finally gets reunited with his family

It is hardly news that fireworks may drive dogs crazy. According to a 2015 study conducted by the Norwegian University, dogs are naturally sensitive to loud noises, which might cause them to cower in fear or seek solace elsewhere.
This “it-bull” fled to its house during the fireworks to seek safety and is now too terrified to return there even after they have stopped.
The itbull was discovered in Canas lying behind a vehicle. The dog growled at the Hoe For Paws rescuers as they approached.
The dog uses the hostility as a means of self-defense. The “pit-bull” attempts to establish the same space between people through grumbling.

The rescuer attempted to use a hotdog to entice the terrified dog out.

Despite being hungry, the pit bull appears to be too afraid to even be tempted by food! The pit bull hardly gave the meat a cursory inspection.

Once the dog comes out of its hiding place and the patient rescuers have secured a collar around its neck, the pitbull appears to relax since he realizes that they are not causing any damage.

They discovered that this dog has a registered microchip after scanning the animal. Boy is its name, and it has a house!

Boy is overjoyed to be reunited with his family after running away from home, and his family is happy to bring their dog back.

It was pure chance that Hoe For Paws arrived in time to save the poor puppy, who someone may have mistaken for a stray.

Keep your pets collared during fireworks or microchip your friends so that, in the event that they escaped, rescuers can find them later.




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