Senior Dog Abandoned on The Side of The Road With A Note

A call was made to Royal Animal Refuge, a no-kill shelter for stray animals, regarding an elderly dog that had been discovered abandoned on the side of the road. The adorable puppy was abandoned by its previous owner with a message.
The message the rescuers read made them feel more worse for the 13-year-old canine.
Reese the puppy was discovered abandoned in Peachtree City, Georgia, with a pink collar and leash on.
The note’s revered owner expressed her love for Reese while also stating that she did not have time for her.
She states that she like “soft food and she prefers genuine food” to the person who discovers her.

The Refuge inquired about her story but just sought encouraging feedback.

“It’s always very tragic when these kinds of situations occur, not just for the animal but also for the family who felt they had no other option,” they said. With saying that, we believe it is crucial that we respect each animal’s dignity but urge that everyone concentrate on the sites.

Reese was brought in and required immediate medical care. Many of her teeth had to be extracted due of excessive tartar buildup and gingivitis.

In the meanwhile, she had her teeth cleaned.

“Reese also has mammary masses in both chains, which most likely suggests she has been exploited for breeding,” The Refuge wrote in a report. Although the team believed it was because she was in agony, the message mentioned that she did not like young children.
The team was searching for a foster home for Reese to go to since the loud noises of a kennel made her nervous.

Fortunately, a foster who had recently lost her fur kid stepped forward. She fell in love with lovely Reese right away. Reese ended up being a foster failure and got her forever home.

Please bring your pet to your local shelter if you are no longer able to care for it. Giving up on them at the side of the road is not an option.




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