All his life the bear has been sitting on a chain and now he rejoices..

The bear called Rick took a while to adjust to the new surroundings and make himself at home in the refuge when he first arrived.

Riku stayed in a little hut for a while, unable to leave due to shackles. Rescuers said that the bear had spent his whole life in a small cage next to a home in Albania; nevertheless, by the time he was two, Riku had grown considerably and his owner no longer want to retain him.

Riku didn’t know what the sun or grass were because he was locked up for the first several years of his existence and couldn’t even go outdoors.

The rescuers sent the cat to an animal shelter in Bulgaria after obtaining it from its prior owner. This facility specialized in helping animals that have previously suffered abuse, and the local staff is skilled in rehabilitation. On the center’s property, a sizable park is used to establish the necessary circumstances for bear rehabilitation.

According to experts, hibernating is the most challenging chore for the rescued bears. Animals kept in captivity are unable to establish their own lairs, which prevents them from acting in accordance with their biorhythms. As a result, they are unable to prepare for hibernation and enter it when they are free. Bears frequently go through multiple rounds of hibernation before their natural instincts take over.

The rescuers lack a practical solution to assist Rick in solving this issue.

There was no possibility of any dream last year since the infant was too busy and the first snow allowed him to experience such a wide spectrum of emotions. Nobody can predict the bear’s actions this winter.

Riku was too entranced by his newfound freedom to work on den construction when the other bears in the center were occupied with it. He instead spent all of his time playing and utilizing everything in his reach as a toy.

The staff of the center hope that everything will work out for Riku this year, especially since he has been very calm and satisfied lately. Even if the bear fails to fall asleep this time, he will obviously not be bored and will find something to do in the winter.




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