Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Hugs His Teddy Bear And Treats It As A Companion

You might find it hard to believe, but research has indicated that friendships can significantly affect our health and happiness. As a result, everyone needs friends, and animals are no different. Even if the relationship is created by a stuffed animal, it may make someone feel at ease and help them get over any difficulties. Naturally, it also merits to be loved and adored.

Meet Doodlebug, a young kangaroo that was abandoned and resides in Australia’s New South Wales state’s Northern Rivers area. The animal rehabilitator Gillian Abbott looks after him. Since Doodlebug was a young child discovered abandoned in the bush, she and her son Tim Beshara, an advisor to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, have cared for him.

Doodlebug is not a wallaby, but an Eastern grey kangaroo. Regardless of the species he is, though, his images of him cuddling a teddy bear that Tim posted went viral and won everyone over. These images demonstrate the importance of a good embrace, particularly for an orphaned wallaby.

Beshara informed the Daily Mail that “he may have slipped out of his mother’s pouch or his mother might have passed away.” “When he was given to my mother’s wildlife organization WIRES, he was just a few months old. Since then, she has taken care of it and, as the photo demonstrates, it is now hopping throughout the forest and returning for the odd feeding or snuggle.

Doodlebug is grown and healthy enough to return to the wild, but without a little assistance from Abbott and her group, he still isn’t ready to do so. Abbott believed that Doodlebug needed a companion to console him and assist in his development, much like newborns do. She gave him a cuddly teddy to cuddle with as a result.

They appear to react to the objects much like a child would. They regard it like a friend, claims Abbott.

Doodlebug lost his mom and his home, so no wonder he wants to hug his favorite bear. With the help of his bear, he will recover quickly and return to the wild where he belongs.




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