The previous owners left the dog in the field right in the carrier without food and water, but a kind family found him and were able to go out and make him a pet

Charlie had a difficult upbringing. He was left by nonhumans in a desolate place, and they also put him in a container without any food or drink. However, the baby was fortunate, which made us very happy.

Charlie would have been terribly depressed had they not helped him be found by kind folks. And it was a father and son who opted to bike on a country track in their home state of Arkansas on their day off.

They could not have imagined that a routine rural outing would develop into such a peculiar adventure.

The father and son observed what appeared to be a box in the center of the nearly dead grass because the day had been extremely chilly. As they got closer, they could see that the carrier was utterly worn out and that the dog inside was shivering and tired from the cold.

A long period in the carrier led to the growth of the illness, and the dog’s swollen claws also suggested that she had been here for a long time. It is still unknown how she lived without food and drink. He was so weak that he could scarcely stand on his paws.

The puppy started to back up against the carrier’s back wall as soon as she realized people were approaching. However, the father and son gained his trust by providing him with food and drink. It had to go with you, but the old carrier and motorcycles weren’t appropriate for this.

So they hurriedly drove back to their car. The dog was in a carrier in the same location. He didn’t even move, thus the conclusion was certain to be depressing.

They all got into the car and drove together to the city with the animal placed in the back seat. The dog was already inside the apartment when it was fed and washed. He was brought to the vet the next morning, when he was given medicine and received psychiatric treatment.

Charlie, this nickname was given to the dog, and remained to live in this house, although initially they wanted to take him for overexposure and, after he would be healthy, pass them on to other people, but they already managed to become attached to him and the dog became the main favorite in the family, and he does not get tired of expressing gratitude to his saviors.




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