He Stalked A Scared Stray To Save His Life Then Wished He Hadn’t

Not every canine rescue goes as easily or according to plan, ilovemydogsomuch writes

especially when rescuers are working in underdeveloped areas with few supplies. Despite having no resources or education, a good man made the decision to volunteer his free time to assist the numerous stray animals he came across. One evening in particular, he followed a young canine that was clearly in trouble.

The puppy has numerous wounds. He was terrified and terribly frail. However, the rescuer persisted because he saw the dog needed to be saved. He makes an effort to follow the dog as it runs away. Finally, he is able to catch him. Guy lies him down with assistance and observes that he is wearing a heavy rope around his neck. The dog must have been having breathing problems!

The straightforward deed of the man approaching the dog doesn’t turn out so nicely. The dog appears oblivious to what is happening while the man speaks frequently to the camera. But the puppy has also suffered trauma. It will take a lot of work for him to forgive those for purposefully hurting him. He grunts while baring his fangs. He’s not quite ready to be pals yet.

Thank goodness, the good man knows and yet promises to look after him. The dog gets neutered once his injuries have been attended to. They don’t even use a proper cone on the dog at the clinic since conditions there are so bad. But in order for his wounds to mend, he must let them alone. Please refrain from passing judgment on what these folks must do to preserve lives. They’re trying, at least.

The dog will move in with his rescuer and work on socializing with both humans and dogs once his health has improved. The efforts of a guy who didn’t give up allowed this deserving dog to live a nice life.




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