10-Year-Old Girl Got Lost Survives A Snowstorm By Hugging A Stray Dog

There are several anecdotes of good canines who assisted humans in escaping peril. We’re here to tell you about a dog with intellect and loyalty who saved a ten-year-old girl who was trapped in a bad snowfall.

Temperatures in Uglegorsk are frequently below freezing; as tiny Vika left school about 1 p.m., a stiff wind was blowing and the temperature was -11 °. On her way home, Vika paused to pet a few dogs and abruptly lost her sense of direction. The snowfall that was raging at the time kept her from getting back on track.

The tiny kid became utterly disoriented in the snow. Fortunately, she came upon a stray dog, and the child found herself alone – her sole source of warmth. She was shaking and scared after 18 hours, and she needed help, but no one discovered her. Vika has always loved dogs and used to play with and feed them on the streets of her hometown of Uglegorsk in Russia’s far east. She never imagined that one of those small puppies would one day be her savior. Vika cuddled the puppy and waited for assistance. It was a great miracle that she was subsequently discovered alive!

Rescuers and volunteers who had been looking for her for hours saw her laying on a mattress – the sort that locals had left out to protect stray dogs – with a little puppy. Vika had been hugging the animal all night and had magically kept warm by doing so. When they brought Vika to the hospital, the physicians discovered frostbite, but nothing so severe that it could not be healed.

If aid hadn’t come in time, the girl might not have survived. The ending may be extremely different. This little girl was really fortunate to have survived such a traumatic incident, and we are convinced that dogs will remain her greatest companions for the rest of her life.




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