The cat came to the cafe, began to scratch the windows and meow: this is how she called people for help

The winter is the location for this tale. The cafe’s patrons were aware of a cat that had parked itself at the window and started wailing loudly to draw attention to itself. Some guests ventured outside to investigate the cat’s scratching of the windows after a while.

Employees from the cafe also arrived on the sidewalk and tried to shoo the cat away after deciding that it was bothering the customers. One couple made the decision to aid the cat and stepped up to defend the creature.

She refused to let the man pick up the cat and instead went back a few meters before stopping and turning to face the group of people. After some consideration, the couple—a male and the lady who was with him—decided to follow the cat, who appeared to be calling them.
The cat went to a neighboring fishing line, glancing back constantly to make sure no one was falling behind.

The pair quickly arrived in the cold forest. The couple heard a squeak coming from a cardboard box in the snow as they continued to pursue the cat.

Examining the box, people discovered that it was taped shut, making it impossible for anyone who produced a squeak to escape on their own. The couple looked inside the box and saw several little kittens who had probably only been born a few hours earlier.

The cat leaped into the box as soon as it was opened to start warming and feeding her young. The boy and girl promptly took the box and returned home to assist their mother and children get warm. Thus, this furry family was given a chance at life.




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