The Girl Saved A Feral Cat, Another Cat Ran To Call For Help

A little stray kitten ran up to a couple one evening in West Virginia after wandering into their yard. “The kitten came out of the alley adjacent to our house and rushed towards my boyfriend, who was outside. He was filthy and meowed loudly.

When Hanna stepped outdoors, she noticed that the cat was constantly meowing and purring. She was ready to head back to the home with him in her arms when she heard the patter of tiny paws behind her.

I noticed another when I turned around. The kitten was coming at me while running. I carried him inside the home while holding him in my arms. The kittens, Thane and Kira, were in terrible shape and had fleas crawling all over their little bodies. To get rid of the bothersome fleas, the couple decided to wash them first.

They gave the kittens food and a cozy bed after a few baths. Sister Kira started eating right away and made a speedy recovery, but her brother was not doing as well. His condition started to rapidly deteriorate and he started to feel very lethargic at some time throughout the night. He was warmed up with a heating pad and a towel by Hanna.

She made him feel better and offered him some water with sugar to drink. I applied sugar syrup to his gums every several minutes. He was up and moving within about 45 minutes. I obviously started crying.

The kittens’ condition got better the following morning. Every hour, they gained strength and ate well.

It was, to put it mildly, a roller coaster. I initially believed Kira wouldn’t make it through the night. Thane thereafter rapidly deteriorated. Now that they are both standing up, eating, and acting like typical kitties,

Tiny siblings are cared for around-the-clock in a warm home with regular embraces. Thane like drinking cat’s milk replacement straight from the bottle. Uncle Bruce, Hannah’s dog, likewise made the decision to be thoughtful and caring.
Uncle Bruce never leaves their side and keeps a tight check on them.




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