Arе уоu surе уоu wоn’t raisе уоur hand tо mе?- Thе dоg saw affесtiоn fоr thе first timе in his оld agе

Residents of the Dacca village referred to the animal as a shelterer. They requested volunteers to arrive as soon as possible because the dog they were concerned about was extremely weak, and people were worried that he wouldn’t survive even a few hours.

All the locals were familiar with this dog because it frequently visited people and lived year-round in a holiday property. People believed that the dog had owners in the past; perhaps he guarded one of the locations before simply ceasing to be needed by those who had abandoned him. Perhaps this dog has never had a home of its own. Nobody knew the dog’s past or when he first appeared. The dog was peaceful and didn’t cause any trouble for the locals. He frequently appeared at the junkyard, trying to find his own food.

The residents of the villa just ignored the dog; no one drove it away or threatened it, but no one wanted to take care of it; at least occasionally, no one even considered feeding the dog. The dog had been a resident of the mansion for many years and was rather old.

Once others realized the dog was lying and almost not moving, they intervened. The animal’s hand was turned out, he was immobile, and nearby flying insects had already begun to swarm around him. People assumed that since the dog was in this state, it had already committed a crime. People realized that the animal’s life was still very much in progress when it opened its eyes and moved a little.

Nobody wanted to save the dog, until one woman dialed the rescuer. A few hours later, the volunteers arrived, and as they approached the dog, it exposed its teeth. The dog was too weak to fight, but at the same time, he didn’t trust people because he never learned anything about them other than their differences. The dog’s condition was extremely difficult for a few days, but then the dog started to recover. He was transferred from the clinic to an outpatient facility. The dog initially shied away from both people and other animals.

He dined and spent his days by himself. Volunteers gave the dog the chance to live alone since they were certain that at such a respectable age, the dog wouldn’t ever adapt to a new way of life. On one particular evening, Hans, as the dog was known at the shelter, was about to go to bed when one of the

Volunteers arrived to the shelter. Since the girl hadn’t been there in some months, she hadn’t yet had time to meet a newcomer. Who do we have around here? Let’s become acquainted, the girl said to Hans along with him.

The dog could not understand what the girl wanted from him because he was already accustomed to the fact that volunteers avoid approaching him and, even more so, do not attempt to pet him. Hans looked cautious rather than snarling or baring his teeth.
The girl stroked the dog, and with each stroke, it gained confidence and became more and more affectionate. It was a real discovery for an elderly dog that people may provide joy in addition to suffering.

The dog continued to demand attention and did not let the girl take a single step after that. He started to value smoking more than food and sleep. In just a few days, the dog discovered his new home. The dog’s heart was softened by care and love, and the girl was so moved by the dog’s story and expression of gratitude for even the smallest act of kindness that she decided to adopt him.




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