Mееt Thе Six Yеаr Old Girl Whо Hаs dоnе Sоmеthing Spеciаl fоr thе Oаklаnd Zоо

A Castro Valley kid is stepping up to make a significant impact in the wake of the news that the Oakland Zoo is losing millions of dollars and may have to close permanently due to an unanticipated coronavirus outbreak.

On July 4, Andy Soulard, a 6-year-old girl, created a Facebook page with a little assistance from her mother, asking people to donate money to help the zoo make up for its roughly $2 million monthly income loss.
Andy loves the Oakland Zoo and was devastated to learn that they might need to close down forever. She posts on her Facebook page. She will begin the fundraiser by donating the $5 she received from the Tooth Fairy this week.

Since that initial post, Andy has made significant contributions, raising more than $109,000 as of Friday afternoon.

100% of your donations will go to the Zoo, the message continues. She is also making bracelets for everyone who donates more than $25.

Andy is currently working on 400 bracelets with the assistance of his classmates and friends in preparation for the daily wave of contributors who have already qualified to receive the beaded bracelets.
Messages of love and support have been arriving in addition to financial ones.

“You’re fantastic!” Nancy Clack declared, “My husband and I are both donning.” “I wanted to share with you the beginning of my family’s involvement with the Zoo in 1922. When I was your age, I used to spend a lot of time at the zoo. I helped my sister and our grandparents and parents by selling tickets and food, as well as playing with and feeding the animals.

“I am incredibly hopeful that your gender, along with the community’s support, will preserve the zoo’s survival for another 100 years,” wrote Clark. We must continue to protect and care for animals in spite of the epidemic.

“Wow!!!! Look at your accomplishments, little one! You are a superhuman! I appreciate you so much for making this possible. You have made a difference and are an example to all of us, Judy Waller said.

Supporters believe that this level of enthusiasm will help the zoo remain open until restrictions on public meetings are lifted.
We appreciate her dedication and generosity in helping us very much, and we hope to meet her soon to thank her personally, according to zoo spokeswoman Erin Harrison.

According to Harrison, the zoo costs about $1 million to operate each month. It currently has about $3.2 million in a reserve account that can help keep the lights on and the animals cared for.

Zоо оfficiаls аrе аlsо аsking thаt Alаmеdа Cоunty filе fоr а stаtе еxеmptiоn sо thаt thе zоо cаn rеоpеn its dооrs.
If thаt hаppеns, Hаrrisоn еstimаtеs thаt it wоuld bе аblе tо run аt аrоund оnе-third cаpаcity, which will bе еnоugh tо kееp thе zоо аflоаt until thе public hеаlth limitаtiоns аrе rеpеаlеd.




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