Horse Has Incredible Long Blonde Hair That Resembles The Fairy-Tale Character Rapunzel

A horse that appears as if it were made for fairy tales or Disney movies lives in Limburg, the Netherlands, and has caught the internet’s attention. The Internet is going crazy because to a horse called Storm. The eight-year-old Haflinger mare, which belongs to a breed recognized for having gorgeous hair, has a devoted social media following because of her wavy golden hair.

Even though it seems unlikely, a horse that looks like it belonged in a Disney or fairy tale thrives in Limburg, the Netherlands, and has caught the internet’s attention! The Internet is going crazy over a horse by the name of Storm. Due to her wavy golden locks, the eight-year-old Haflinger mare (a breed renowned for their beautiful hair) has a devoted social media following.

The soft curls are not only wonderfully done, but they also cascade down her back with ease. Storm even acquired the moniker “Rapunzel” after the protagonist of the well-known fairy tale thanks to her glitz. Eight-year-old Haflinger mare Storm has curly, golden hair that is dressed to perfection. The stunning horse has been given the moniker “Rapunzel” due to her incredible head of hair, which is currently over three feet long. Storm’s mane was no longer cut after it passed past her shoulder around the time she was three years old.

Storm’s hair is magnificent and amazing to look at at age six. Due to her amazing mane, the “Rapunzel of Horses” gained a sizable following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and is now a well-known figure. Long manes on Haflinger horses are renowned for looking like human hair when properly maintained. Although the horse’s mane is naturally wavy, it is frequently braided at the front to keep it from getting caught or tangled when the animal is left alone in the stable.

Since the breed was initially developed in Austria in the 17th century, hundreds of them have spread throughout Europe. Haflingers are utilized in a wide range of tasks including draft and pack labor, light harness, combination driving, and several athletic events. They were originally created as pack horses for forestry and agricultural work in hilly terrain.

Rapunzel of Storm and Naomi Beckers, a 24-year-old student and businesswoman, are identical twins. She noticed Storm’s long, luxurious hair, which perfectly matched her own, and acquired her from her former owner two years prior. “I met Storm’s owner on Instagram, and I was awestruck by Storm’s mane,” she recounted. When they are young and have shorter manes, some Haflingers do have wavy hair, which is frequently most noticeable at that time. In contrast to their tails, which frequently remain waved throughout life, their manes’ waves typically straighten as they get longer.

Beckers made the decision to create a second Instagram account so Storm’s human fans could monitor her growth despite the fact that Storm already had a respectable social media following. She didn’t anticipate it would be that well-liked though! Storm is one of the most well-known horses on Instagram, where she now has close to 35,000 followers. When it came to Storm’s Instagram, Beckers explains, “I was intending to upload a couple images on it sometimes, but people were asking me when I would post another photo.” It’s really gotten a little out of hand, but I think it’s great that it’s expanded so much!

When they are shown together, the two become even more well-known! The two make a striking pair when Beckers poses with Storm. The attractive couple would be ideal for a fantasy shampoo ad or their own fairy tale movie thanks to their long, flowing golden locks. The visuals conjure up ideas of princesses riding majestic horses. With their stunning wavy hair, this incredibly handsome couple is set to gain even more notoriety as their pictures continue to go viral.




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