Huge Gorilla Forms Heartwarming Friendship With A Tiny Bush Baby

According to kingdomstv, the non-profit organization Ape Action Africa is committed to the preservation of chimpanzees, gorillas, and other endangered primates.
The 300 inhabitants are checked daily by the caregivers; this is regular, and it often produces routine results. However, it turns out that occasionally these ape inhabitants will surprise these knowledgeable caregivers in novel ways.

A caregiver one day discovered Bobo, a Western Lowland gorilla who was saved in 1996, together with an anticipated new friend.

Our gorilla caregiver found Bobo holding a young, wild bush baby during his morning checks. The bush baby made no attempt to avoid Bobo; instead, it spent some time hopping around in a large grassy area before deciding to come back to him.

This is particularly unusual considering that Bobo is the dominant male in his troop and has successfully resisted challenges from more aggressive gorillas.

It turns out that this giant also has a soft side.

It is extremely unusual to see a bush baby during the day because they are typically nocturnal. At Mefou Sanctuary, we have never seen a wild primate get along with a rescued one.

Together, watch them:

The bush baby moved around Bobo’s body and spent some time hopping around in an open patch of grass before deciding to go back to him.

The members of Bobo’s gang were likewise interested in what was going on.

The other members of Bobo’s group were interested in the bush baby and thought he would share it with them, but Bobo kept it to himself.

They were together for a whole two hours until Bobo took his new friend back to the forests where the missing bush baby had vanished.

Ape Action Africa is the largest conservation project of its kind in Africa with more than 300 primates in its care.

Many of these animals come to the sanctuary as orphans caused by the illegal pet and bushmeat trades.




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