Rottweiler Carries Owner’s Handbag From The Bank. What a Great Bodyguard

One breed of dog that excels in everything is the Rottweiler. They have been used to many different uses in the past as well. In particular, they excel in showing compassion. They were thus primarily employed in the past to defend cow herds. Also, they were mostly employed as guard dogs throughout the reign of the Roman emperor. They have such strong instincts that they can always tell when something is going to go awry before everyone else.

Rottweilers are the ideal breed for anyone searching for a protection dog, thus that is what we suggest. They are incredibly obedient when properly socialized and trained. Because Rottweiler dogs have a long history of protecting and being loyal to their owners. This is a fantastic illustration of that.

Due to the release of a certain online video, this rottie gained a lot of popularity. The footage appears to show a Rottweiler pursuing a woman. Its distinctive feature is the sack the dog is holding in its mouth. The dog can be seen holding his owner’s handbag in his jaws in the footage. Different views have been voiced on this episode, which was surprisingly observed in Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang district. The dog follows the woman out of a building at the start of the video.

It appears as though the dog serves as the woman’s defender. Perhaps there was cash inside that sack. She must have given the dog the bag in order to protect it. because nobody wants to approach a Rottweiler or other aggressive dog.

However, not all of the feedback on this video has been favorable. Some claimed that it was completely inappropriate to use a dog for such a purpose. But it appeared that the dog was well-trained. mainly because he was set free. Additionally, it is a wise choice to adopt a Rottweiler for a woman’s protection.




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