Rottweiler Couldn’t Stop Scratching His Ears. Vet Found Unexpected Problem

It goes without saying that owning a dog is not at all simple. It is a significant duty. Dogs can die for the simplest of reasons. You must always pay great attention to them as a result. Their health issues need to receive further care. since even minor health issues might result in serious issues.

Some health issues differ between breeds. However, some medical conditions affect all breeds equally. Even though this tale is a few years old, every dog owner may learn a lot from it. A friendly gigantic rottweiler named Titan. He is a good dog who is very submissive to his owner, and he weighs about 60 kg. His owner, Titan, adored him as much, and she gave her care, attention and time for him. He always paid attention to his Rottweiler son.

She observed Titan shaking his head oddly one morning. It started out pretty gradually at first. But soon he began repeatedly scratching his ears, in addition to rubbing his head on the ground. She had no idea why he was acting in such an odd way. The owner examined the dog’s ears after recognizing something was amiss. She then noticed that the dog’s ears were emitting a pungent smell.

The owner then brought him for an ear examination after noticing there was a problem. The veterinarians there thoroughly inspected Titan’s ears. The rottweiler’s ears were sampled by the vet there, who then submitted the samples to a lab for analysis. Finally, the outcomes showed that he had an ear bacterial issue. Consequently, veterinarians initially treated with standard ear ointments. His condition improved somewhat.

But while his right ear was in poor shape, his left ear was in perfect condition. Titan then resumed scratching his right ear as before after a few days. The veterinarians began a very involved course of treatment for him in order to cure this. As a result, Rottweiler’s ailment was fully treated within a few weeks. However, his ears’ itching occasionally returns. Therefore, he had to continue his treatment for at least a year.




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