Piglet the Pink Puppy Can’t See or Hear, But He Inspires Kids Every Day

Unfortunately, some breeders fail to take into account any potential health issues that can arise from breeding dogs. Piglet’s parents are both dappled, and he is a hybrid between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. The puppies have a 25% probability of becoming “double dapples,” which is frequently connected with the puppy being partially or completely blind and deaf, when two dogs of this color are mated together. Piglet is completely blind and deaf due to being one of those puppies, but that doesn’t stop him.

Piglet was given the nickname because of his bright pink puppy coat. He is a gorgeous and adorable dog, but because of his unique needs, he needed a family who was willing to show him more love and care.

Piglet’s History:

Piglet and 37 other puppies were found in a hoarding situation in Georgia. A veterinarian named Melissa Shapiro met him after he was flown to Connecticut. Shapiro first planned to foster Piglet, but she quickly developed feelings for him. After just two months of fostering him, she understood that he belonged with her.

Shapiro was excited to receive a new puppy despite having six already. She has to put a lot of work into Piglet, but he is definitely worth it.

At first, taking care of Piglet seemed like a full-time job. He shouted anytime he was anxious, which was much of the time and he was very committed to Shapiro. Shapiro couldn’t even leave him alone for the first month because he had severe separation anxiety if she left the house.

After a few months in his forever home, Piglet established a routine and started to feel more comfortable. Playing with his brothers, going for walks, and going on business trips with Shapiro are all things he likes to do. He wouldn’t let his peculiar requirements get in the way of living the life of a content dog.

The Inspiring New Life of Piglet

In Plainville, Massachusetts, a third grade teacher was inspired to tell her children Piglet’s tale after learning about it. She discussed Piglet’s positive outlook and how it enabled him to overcome difficulties. Additionally, he exhorts kids to embrace and revel in diversity.

The students use Piglet as a growth mindset tool, thus they try to keep a “Piglet frame of mind” and ask themselves, “What would Piglet do?” when faced with challenges. Shapiro and Piglet both like the children’s hand-drawn cards that they routinely send to Piglet.

Piglet and his family frequently hold fundraisers for rescue dogs with specific needs. They sell a variety of Piglet merchandise, including t-shirts, magnets, stickers, and bags. They have already raised more than $30k!

On Piglet’s website, you may also find a number of educational PDFs for use in the classroom. Piglet diligently strives to encourage adoption and bring smiles to people’s faces all across the world. He is an inspiration to both people and dogs.

In the upcoming years, Shapiro and Piglet will still be helping and motivating others. Despite having a tough upbringing, Shapiro views Piglet as a symbol of warmth and acceptance. People are inspired to adopt by Piglet’s narrative, especially if they have pets with special need. They might need more upkeep, but it is undoubtedly worth the extra effort.




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