Dog Waits By The Door Every Morning To Greet His Favorite Mailwoman

At the age of seven weeks, Eileen adopted Fronky, a very docile English Mastiff. Fronky particularly loved being petted and hugged by mail carrier Shaun, who passed on their route practically daily. From the very first day, the two of them developed a strong relationship.

Except on days when Shaun was off work, they were in contact every day. He continued to watch for her after that. Fronky quickly reached adulthood and reached 180 pounds. He had no idea that he had gotten so big, though.

Anyone who did not know him would have found it to be quite alarming. But Shaun’s experience was unique. She and Fronky got along well. The dog awaited her coming every morning after breakfast. Fronky knew his best friend, the mailwoman, would be dropping by.

He would pacing around the main entrance, eager to exit into the main yard because he couldn’t contain his excitement. On the other hand, as soon as Eileen opened the door, Fronky would dash outside to meet Shaun.

Fronky stood at the gate and watched the mailwoman take the packages. He continued to wag his tail while waiting at the entrance as if to invite her to proceed more quickly. The Mastiff would become impatient when it took a while for Shaun to arrive at his residence. On the fence, he would lean forward and search for her.

Even Shaun valued their mutual bond. She had a very long trip, so meeting Fronky allowed her to take a vacation from her demanding profession. The busy postal carrier would arrive, remain for a while, and then depart.

Shaun made an effort to give her canine companion lots of head scratches and back rubs. She always let Shaun know before she departed whether she would meet him the next day or if she was off. She would then inform him that she wouldn’t be seeing him for a few days.
Both of them were eager to meet one another. Shaun is now regarded as a relative of Eileen.




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