Hero Dog Found A Box Full Of Near-Dying Kittens In The Woods And Adopted Them

Service dog Banner has a kind heart. She is completely committed to caring for those animals in need in addition to aiding her crippled owner Whitney Braley.

Whitney has known the 3-year-old husky since she was a puppy, and she personally trained Banner to help her and others with a variety of tasks.

According to Whitney, “She alerts to PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, migraines, guidework, momentum pull, medication retrieval, self-harm interruption, and a few other things.”

“She constantly becomes attracted to the kittens because we do so much rescuing. Banner reared my first bottle-born cat, whom I had two years prior and had discovered in a ditch. This particular cat is still with us, but throughout the years, she has taken in at least 10 different litters of kittens. This is the first time SHE has discovered something like, Whitney continued.

She saw a tragic scene. Seven newborn kittens, less than a day old, dying of cold inside a sealed cardboard box in the woods. Whitney opened the box and took the kittens out one by one after Banner woke her up and guided her to the woods.

Whitney guessed that someone had just placed them into a cardboard box, sealed the top, and left them there to perish. “They likely believed that nobody would ever find them. Even today, I’m not sure how Banner discovered their presence. The kittens weren’t meowing or doing anything because they were chilly.

“I can’t believe someone could treat these tiny, helpless animals in that way. It’s so heartless and cruel.
Since then, Banner has remained by the kittens’ side and treated them like her own. Whitney sterilized Banner, but she has a strong maternal instinct.

“Now I’ll find the kittens suitable homes, where they’ll be loved forever. It is preferable if I handle it myself because the local shelter kills in three days. I usually end up fostering children because of this. I do not want them to pass away.

“I’m overjoyed that these kittens will now have loving family to live their lives with thanks to Banner. I’m warmed by it.
True hero Banner is committed to protecting all types of animals and other living things.




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