Golden Retriever Walked For 2 Weeks More Than 60 Miles Back Home

A golden retriever named Ping An was living life to the fullest in Qidong, Jiangsu, China, with her loving family. However, her family did let her know that one day she would be relocating.

Ping An’s family made the decision to leave her in the care of some of their friends so that she would be safe while their home was being built. They drove the two hours to their friend’s home as the gorgeous Ping An was set up in their vehicle. Ping An would so be safeguarded and cared for, and after a few months, she would be able to return home.

After four months, she eventually hit her breaking point. She then began to walk “alone” to her former home. Even though it’s dangerous to travel back alone, especially since it’s so far, she did it nevertheless, demonstrating the great loyalty and bravery of dogs.

The family’s friends were anxious to locate Ping An because they feared for her safety and thought she could be missing. Ping An walked nonstop for over two weeks. She had only one thought in mind: she had to meet her family.

She was unstoppable, and by the time she was finished, Ping An had traveled about 62 kilometers, was severely underweight, bleeding, and terribly exhausted.

She was determined to keep going until she was, thankfully, saved by some kind people who found her family. Then Ping An was taken to the hospital, where happily she made a full recovery.

Her family was shocked by her dedication and loyalty, and they agreed to never again send her away. Family is the most important thing in the world to Ping An. The news that Ping Ann is doing well and has been reunited with her family makes me very pleased. We also understand how privileged her family must feel to have such a great dog show them such intense love.




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