Abandoned Dog Finds A Loving Family After Being Rejected Many Times Because Of His Appearance

Bonnie, a sweet Romanian dog, lost her tail, front left leg, and snout and was abandoned to walk the streets for a very long period. The dog without a nose couldn’t find a home that would give her a second chance until the right people showed up.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to Bonnie, although it was probably committed by someone heartless. She was saved and brought to the UK by the Beacon Animal Rescue Center in Canterbury, but because to her critical condition, she was almost fatally injured.

Bonnie captured Kate Comfort, 29,’s heart after she saw her photo on the company’s Facebook page. After noticing Bonnie’s large eyes and ears, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by her.

No one wanted Bonnie, so I told him I’d take her in until we could find her the right home, Kate said. “At first, convincing my husband was tough because we already had three dogs,” she added.

Kate felt compelled to adopt Bonnie because no one else was interested. The woman claimed that while the dog’s presence frightened her at first, she eventually became accustomed to it.

When Bonnie’s wound on her stump reopened and Kate and her husband Ross realized they were considering surgery on Bonnie for ‘purely aesthetic’ reasons, they decided to have the stump removed instead of continuing their fundraising efforts for a prosthetic limb.

Since Bonnie is wholly imperfect and they love her for who she is, the only thing that matters to them right now is that she is healthy and surrounded by love.

Since Bonnie is a living example of how to live, she needs to be treated with the respect she so well deserves.

Kate remarked,

The compassion and forgiveness that animals exhibit when they are the victims of cruelty and abuse never fails to amaze me. I probably won’t surround myself with people since I prefer animals to humans and wish we were more like them.




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