Kenai the puppy saves injured bald eagle stranded and freezing to death in the snow by tracking it and alerting owner during walk

Last month, a dog in Duluth, Minnesota, assisted in saving a wounded bald eagle that had become trapped in the snow. On January 21, as Kenai the dog was out for a walk with his owner Kerrie and her friend Pam, he suddenly started barking. When Kerrie and Pan went to investigate what Kenai was barking at, they saw a wounded bald eagle that had descended near the water.

He kept hopping down the seashore as they got closer to the bird. The pals made the decision to go because it was becoming dark and come back the next day.

They were able to follow the eagle’s footsteps in the snow and asked the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for assistance in saving the bird after spotting its footprints. The four people cooperated to capture the injured eagle when two DNR employees showed up on the scene.

He was cold and had frozen feathers when they eventually got him, so Kerrie and Pam transported him to Wildwoods, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Duluth, where he was given painkillers, fluids, and had his feathers thawed.

On its Facebook page, Wildwoods stated, “Our exam found a shoulder issue, which we thought was potentially fixable.” We strongly suspected lead poisoning since, as is the case with most eagles we see at this time of year (during and after deer shooting season). The eagle was subsequently transported by Pam and Kerrie to the Raptor Center in St. Paul.

Their examination revealed left shoulder soft tissue damage and lead toxicity (yep, once again!). In a Facebook post, Wildwoods stated, “The Raptor Center believes his odds are reasonable, and we pray for his eventual recovery.”

Pam, Kerrie, and Kenai, Kerrie’s dog, were commended by Wildwoods for helping to save the eagle.

“Kerrie and Pam give special gratitude to Kenai for spotting this bird so that he might be saved, as well as for having keen eyes!” Good dog, Kenai!” stated the center.




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