Poor Dog That Was Kept On A Short Chain For A Long Time Is Finally Rescued

Many people treat dogs as if they were their own children, yet there are also some who abuse pets horribly.

One of those unfortunate puppies is Cala, a guard dog owned by a mechanic in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her owner kept her chained up on a small chain that prevented her from resting her head and made it difficult for her to breathe. The owner hardly ever fed her and refused to take her to the vet when she was ill. Cala’s agony, fortunately, came to an end.

When they discovered her living situation, neighbors were alarmed and called the police as well as the Territorio de Zaguates animal sanctuary. Cala had to be treated for starvation, wounds, and emaciation when she was ultimately saved.

A dog whose spirit had been destroyed and was simply waiting for the death to arrive while suffering a never-ending nightmare was shown in the first photograph I saw of her. Territorio de Zaguates’ creator, Lya Battle, stated.

“The people around her still had to bring her suffering via the repairing of her wounds, notably the cut in her neck created by years of hanging from a tight metal chain around her neck,” she said of the wounds’ sluggish healing.

Cala continued to be mistreated by people even after she was saved. People broke into the dog sanctuary in June in an effort to poison some of the dogs.

Although 16 of the dogs perished, this resilient pup did not. Battle stated that although Cala experienced some neurological issues, this was likely partially caused by her size and that her health has improved.

Cala has now moved in with a caring family and learnt how to get along with people and other dogs.

“Cala seems to be getting all the puppy misbehavior stuff out of her system after years of neglect, cruelty, and captivity, and we all believe that’s just wonderful. She is content, strong, determined, a little obstinate, and spoiled by her foster mother and family, Battle said, adding, “This rescue is an epic struggle between love and hatred, between good and evil, and love always triumphs in the end.




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