Rescued Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Adopted Three Orphaned Kittens

This tale will warm your heart whether you prefer cats or dogs. It has a depressing start and a happy ending.

The Rocky Point, Arizona-based Sunshine Dog Rescue found “Georgia,” an Australian Shepherd/mix, living at a gas station close to the US-Mexico border. They soon learned Georgia was expecting. Sadly, though, none of Georgia’s puppies made it. They were all delivered early.

According to Anita Osa, the founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue, Georgia was devastated after losing all of her puppies.

“I’ve never seen a mother dog lose her entire litter. She was frantic was the best way I could put it. She was searching for those babies, and it was really heartbreaking. In an effort to locate her young, she tore up the toddler mattress we kept her on, according to Osa.

Osa posted a request on Facebook in the hopes that it would help Georgia get over her broken heart. She began searching for any animals in need of a nursing mother. Finally, she came across a group of three recently abandoned kittens who also required a mother. Osa first questioned whether a dog would adopt kittens as her own, so she was taken aback to witness their close relationship.

“I carefully introduced them to her. When she appeared to accept the first one when I bought it out and had her sniff it, I brought the rest out. It’s incredible to witness how she quickly became peaceful. I believe the kittens are unaware that Georgia is a dog, according to Osa.

Despite her limited milk supply, Georgia even permits her young kittens to nurse. They do breastfeed her. The connection is strong even though she cleans them and everything. She guards those kittens as fiercely as if they were her own babies, which is very beautiful to witness, Osa continued.




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