Abandoned Dog Refuses To Leave The Blanket That Owner Left For Her On New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Day, co-founder of Dallas DogRRR Marina Tarashevska went for a stroll in her neighborhood and came upon an abandoned dog clinging to the blanket.

Residents close by claim that when the family that owned the dog relocated, they dumped rubbish and extra furniture in the alleyway behind the house. Sadly, they no longer wanted their puppy, so they abandoned her along with her blanket on the street.

The dog was laying on her blanket and wouldn’t leave it since it was so chilly and wet, according to Patti Dawson, executive director of Dallas DogRRR. “I believe she continued to believe that her family would return. She was at the “I’ll simply wait here” stage. This is not new.

Following the sad tale of the dog, Tarashevska made an effort to save it. But it’s challenging. The dog sprinted away each time Tarashevskam came close, but when she backed off, the canine came back to the blanket.

This gave Tarashevska an idea. Every time the dog ran away, Tarashevska pulled the blanket down the alley towards her own house. After about an hour, the blanket — and the dog — had reached Tarashevska’s backyard, and Tarashevska was able to grab hold of the dog and get her into the safety of a kennel.

Tarashevska gave the dog the name Camilla because she was afraid. Camilla had recent wounds on her neck and ears, which Tarashevska also noticed. As a result, she quickly took Camilla to the veterinarian.

The veterinarian stated it may be an implanted collar, indicating that she was probably kept outside, according to Dawson. “The only other thing we could think of was that she had fought with a dog when she went outdoors. There are many stray animals in the area, so perhaps there was a fight for food.

After having neck surgery, Camilla is now healing physically and mentally.

She’s doing fantastic, said Dawson. She is starting to develop a personality and is beginning to trust.

Camilla is currently residing in a foster home where she is receiving a lot of care and affection. She will remain in foster care for a little while longer so that she can keep recovering, but she will soon be available for adoption.




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