Lost Dog Reunited With Her Owner Who Spent 8 Years Looking For Her

In 2009, Sophia Hanson let her two enormous dogs, Laila and Blake, to roam the yard. The dogs had vanished by the time she came back a short while later.

After a year of looking, Hanson and her husband came upon an advertisement on Craigslist. Someone in the nearby city of San Antonio, Texas, was offering to sell Blake-looking pit bull for $500.

“We pretended that we were just going to buy a puppy when we entered the store. We were prepared with our cash, said Hanson. “They had him on the largest chain I’d ever seen when we got back there and confirmed it was him.”

Hanson said, “He was quite messed up for a time. He’s the largest teddy bear today, but the entire healing procedure was a process.

Hanson feared the worst for her lovely Laila after seeing Blake’s state. But for years Hanson checked the neighborhood shelters, hoping to see her face again. Hanson was unaware that Laila had a guardian angel watching over her, though.

When Janice Rackley first came across Laila in a field in 2018, the dog was barely alive. She had obviously been abandoned and alone for a long time. Rackley was aware that action was required.

Every day, Rackley drove out to the field with large jugs of food and water. The dog was first so terrified that she would run away in the opposite direction when she saw Rackley approaching, but Rackley eventually gained her trust.

She started getting closer to me after around six months, according to Rackley, and eventually allowed me to pet her. Since she was allowing me to pet her, I reasoned that I may as well obtain a leash and put it on while I was feeding her. But she would bolt when she caught sight of this leash.

Rackley thought it may be her last chance to save the puppy as New Year’s Eve neared and the weather turned frigid, so she made a snap decision.

To get her to his car, Rackley claimed, “I simply grabbed her up, flung her over my shoulder, and I walked her 40 feet through this field.” “When I lifted her up, she was really extremely peaceful, and she was very lovely about it.”

For a month, Laila resisted leaving Rackley’s home. As the stray dog’s personality started to emerge, Rackley realized there were more questions about its past than she had previously thought.

She took some time to change, but once she did, Rackley said that the dog was the sweetest. “She was able to sit, stand, and shake, as well as lay down. Man, someone put some effort into her, I thought. She must be missed by someone.

Laila had a microchip, as confirmed by Rackley after having her checked by animal control.

It was just another normal night for Hanson and her husband. “My husband and I were just walking around the house, turning lights off and making sure puppies were in bed,” Hanson said. “Just before we turned our light off, we got a call. My husband was like, ‘What?! Can you repeat that?’ And he put it on speaker phone and we were like, ‘No freakin’ way.’”

Hanson hopped in the car because she couldn’t wait to see Laila again after eight years. The touching reunion that occurred when Rackley escorted Laila outside and she met her mother had an impact on everyone there.

I immediately had a response from her asking, “Is that you?” Hanson remarked. Oh my God, everyone started sobbing, and the scene became chaotic.

Laila made it plain to her parents that she recalled her previous life despite the fact that she had undergone so much upheaval.

Hanson said, “We used to call her Scooby Doo because she would make the wackiest noises you’ve ever heard. “Scooby Doo! Scooby Doo!” my husband yelled, and she immediately complied.

Laila is already settling into her new old life with her brother Blake and three other senior rescue canines. She is ecstatic to be back home, despite the fact that she is still cautious about her new siblings. Her parents are overjoyed that their family is once again whole.




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