4-year-old boy goes out to play, brings home a baby deer he befriended in the woods

Imagine your 4-year-old sibling returning home carrying a baby deer as a companion. Our offsprings almost always leave us speechless. Isn’t that a bit of a fairytale?

That is indeed the type of sight Stephanie Brenn had while on vacation at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia.

When Stephanie opened the door and saw her 4-year-old sister, Dminic, standing next to a baby deer in the pasture, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Naturally, the woman was taken aback by the Disney-esque scene, but she managed to capture a few photos of the unforgettable moment.

Needless tօ sаy the lօvely snаps went аbsօlutely virаl sօօn аfter Stephаnie shаred them օn Fасebօօk. After аll yօu dօn’t see а 4-yeаr-օld аnd а wild deer hаnging аrօund everydаy.

The mother explained that as she was picking up, Dminic was playing outside the cabin as they prepared to leave the residence. Though how the two ended up together is unclear.

One thing is for certain—either the fawn was drawn to Dminic’s pajamas or he may have offered her some snacks—but either way, they instantly became friends.

Minic wanted to introduce his new friend to his mother, so they both showed up at the door to the delight of the boy’s mother.

“I was in a mess. I said, “Nah, way.” Stephanie told ABC, “My mind is playing games with me. “It was so strange for him; it wasn’t like anything strange at all. They were simply in time.

The way the fawn reacted is quite incredible. She doesn’t appear startled or inconsolable in front of others or the camera, not even for a second. She gives the impression that she is actually acting by the way she poses for the camera.

Even Dminiс gave a name to his new pal. He named the baby deer Flush after the DC Comics super-hero.

When Stephanie posted the tender photo to Facebook, thousands of reactions and comments immediately began to flow.

“They both seem as though this is a daily occurrence for them. They are both really serious, one person wrote. “Your son and his pal are so adorable. Great picture, another one said.

They seem to be friends, another person wrote.




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