Woman Finds And Rescues Abandoned Pit Bull Inside Disused Bus On A Hot Day

“Puppy, we’re going to get you out!” When Melissa Geerlof spotted a Pit Bull trapped in a heated bus, she made the above promise. When Melissa heard a dog weeping and screaming for rescue and noticed an abandoned bus, she was returning from the gym on foot.

The white bus was parked on the side of the road; it was full of rubbish, had no license plates, and had the VIN number scratched out.
Melissa walked up to the bus and noticed a puppy peeking out of one of the windows.
The Pit Bull, who was chained to one of the chairs, was on tiptoes trying poke her head out the window. It was a really hot day, and Melissa was very concerned. Ben, Melissa’s boyfriend, and a few of the neighbors soon joined her in trying to release the caged dog. After four calls to the police, they arrived after an hour. The pit bull was given food and water by the neighbors as they waited for the cops. The officers initially stated that they would take the puppy back to their precinct for the night before taking it to the animal shelter, according to Melissa.

However, when the police left to find a crate and came back, they informed Melissa and the neighbors that they would be bringing the dog to a shelter because they didn’t know who the owner was, but that the dog would (probably) be put to sleep unless one of them wanted to take her. I’ll take her, Melissa said right away. A “waterfall of rubbish” poured out of the bus as soon as the police unlocked the doors. Once Lexie was outdoors, she rushed over to embrace Melissa.

Melissa took Lexie to the veterinarian after bathing her. Melissa observed that Lexie had conjunctivitis, long nails, and a skin condition. Melissa’s main concern, however, was how Lexie would get along with Roadie, her second pit bull. She had no cause for concern. The two had rapidly formed a friendship.

Melissa then pondered whether Ben would get along with another dog. He was initially grumpy, but now Lexie gives him two kisses.

For Lexie, it hasn’t been a significant adjustment. She has settled very well and enjoys spending time with her new family. Lexie is also making a fantastic recovery!
Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her family wherever they are—on the sofa, in bed, etc. It was certainly meant for you to walk past that bus and find her, a TikToker said. We have to fully agree.




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