Sanctuary Dog Has The Best Reaction When He Sees The Family He Thought He ‘d Lost Forever

A cow was discovered chained to a fence outside the Louisiana SPCA in January by a worker who arrived at work that morning. When the shelter first took the unfortunate dog in, he was pretty afraid and didn’t seem to know what was going on.

NeNe Lewis of the Louisiana SPCA told The Dodo that the animal was “very frightened and would quietly growl when pleasing new people.” “He would absolutely stop when he was given sweets and when people “baby spoke” to him. He was situated close to our fence, so his response was typical.

Over time, Cow became more at ease with his existence at the refuge. After attempting to find him the ideal replacement family for two months, the employee eventually found him something much better: the family he had already lost.

The shelter learned in March that Cow had a family who were seeking for him. They were ecstatic to hear that he would definitely be found because it was evident that he had been kidnapped from them and had ended up at the shelter.

Although Cow had become used to everyone at the shelter and was great and friendly with everyone, when he at finally met his mother once again, he experienced a level of euphoria no one had ever previously witnessed from him.

Cow was ecstatic to see his family, according to Lewis. He was bouncing off the walls and waggling his tail like we had never seen him do it before. He was reunited with his family, as evidenced by his expression at seeing his mother.”

Cow sprang into his mother’s arms as soon as he spotted her and formed a ball of shakes and hugs. Everyone was overjoyed that they were able to help make the reunion happen since there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Cow was back with his people.

Cow had been apart from his family for so long, yet when he finally saw them, it seemed as though no time had gone at all. He’s happy to be back where he belongs because he’s settled in with them and now feels at home.




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