Friesian Stallion Prances Around In The Snow After Owner Sets Him Free

The Friesian stallion stumbles around in the snow after being released by his owner.

In the winter, every horse owner makes an effort to safeguard their animal by keeping them indoors. But what people fail to realize is that their horse has a wonderful winter coat provided by nature, keeping them warm and shielding them from the elements. Compared to what we may think, horses are far better acclimated to cold temperatures.

Which weather is comfortable for horses?

Studies show that horses prefer cold weather over warm weather for comfort. Your horse will experience more comfort over the winter if it is in good condition, grows a sufficient winter coat, and eats the recommended quantity of nutrient-rich food. In exact contrast to what we thought, horses become more animated than usual throughout the winter and like playing outside in chilly weather.

Videos showing horses having fun outside in the snow are frequently shared by horse owners. They responded in a great and highly animated manner. After witnessing them play in the cold, one can comment about how happy they are. However, not every horse responds in the same way. When their hooves touch the chilly ground outdoors, some horses that do not even like to go outside in the winter begin to flee back to their stable.

Snow experience: A video of a Friesian stallion having fun in the snow has become highly famous on youtube. After his owner releases him, he relishes the opportunity to remain outside and gallop joyfully through the snow. Many people like him for his appearance, and he looks really lovely when performing. The spectator finds it impossible to forget him because of the way he pumps up his heels in the snow.

Despite having a big build, he continues to play in the snow like it’s any other day. His YouTube video quickly gained a lot of views, and many people also shared it on social media. If you love horses, you may watch this film on YouTube as well.





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