Naughty horse, named Kim, shows owner that when he says NO, it is NO

Consider yourself fortunate if you have never encountered an obstinate horse. Simply put, these horses won’t leave the area around the barn or their favorite buddies. Their defiance can take a variety of forms, including jigging, bucking, forcefully backing up, rearing, or even hurling themselves on the ground.

The good news is that a horse may be trained to overcome his difficulties and move forward voluntarily wherever and whenever you ask by using a few basic training exercises.

Horses can be stubborn, but it’s not always true. Instead, it’s frequently a way for the horse to tell you something. Horses are very gregarious and herd animals. They are built to obey since staying with their herd is essential to their survival.

If a horse is not paying attention to you, investigate his motive to learn why. They either want to resort to pleasure, food, or companions in order to escape discomfort, agony, or danger. For instance, some horses in riding schools have learned helplessness, which makes it simple for people to mistake their sadness for stubbornness. However, you’ll find that they stop being stubborn once you start speaking to them in a kind and understandable manner.

The bulk of non-compliance actions may be eliminated by considering whether the initial query was phrased correctly. Many allegedly difficult behaviors are actually the consequence of miscommunication caused by the inappropriate application of aids or by the use of contradictory aids, which results in desensitized or “misbehaving” horses.

Although the term “stubbornness” is typically used negatively, connoting a perverse or illogical lack of flexibility, it can also refer to a trait that is justified and even praiseworthy. Think of someone who is obstinately determined to find a solution or to see a task through to completion. We might need to take into account this advantageous flip side if subsequent horse study reveals stubbornness to be a personality feature.




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