13 Fairytale-Like Pictures Of Horses Living In Extreme Iceland Conditions

Ice and snow have long had a magical aura, which may be why Iceland is such an alluring location. In his new picture series “In the Realm of Legends,” Drew Doggett, a professional photographer and filmmaker located in New York City, managed to catch a glimpse of this magic by emphasizing “the special bond between this area and the gorgeous horses.”
While Doggett had never been to Iceland before, for his past projects the photographer has been to many different parts of the globe in search of unique settings and the most breathtaking scenery.

“I feel that I am continually drawn to locations on Earth that are really difficult in all of my work,” Iceland is a weird location, and the wild horses are the ideal partners to this strange yet gorgeous environment; the two together are simply amazing.

The artist visited the chilly location, but it wasn’t only for the landscape.

In many respects, my passion in adventure, which I’ve had since I was a little boy, is what drew me to Iceland (and my profession as a wildlife photographer). One of the numerous novels I read and reread was Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which I did so because I desired adventure in my own life in the future, according to Doggett.

Filming fantastical stories is a difficult task. The two-week animal photography project, according to the photographer, took months of planning, but there were a number of obstacles.

“The volatility of Iceland’s weather was the most difficult component of filming this series, other than the inherent problems of recording this uncommon horse species… It was imperative that I take advantage of any chance that presented itself since soon it will start to rain or become too windy for us to continue without protection.

It is evident from looking at the images that Doggett’s diligence paid off, resulting in a quirky collection. He expressed the wish that his audience leave with “collective nostalgia, inspiration, and fantasy.”

View Doggett’s stunning images from “In the Realm of Legends” by scrolling down below!

In the Realm of Legends, a beautiful photo collection by photographer Drew Doggett, showcases the grace of Icelandic horses.

Doggett wanted to “emphasize the special bond between this area and the horses” through the series.

Photograph in ‘near-impossible’ locations

Iceland’s fantastical and stunning scenery also attracted me there.

Planning for the photography journey took several months.

Amazing Photography from Lands End

Is it a heaven here?

Which culminated in two ‘jam-packed’ weeks of shooting

The photographer’s main obstacle was the unpredictability of the weather.

What a great image

Following your viewing of the photographs, Doggett said he hopes you would experience a “collective nostalgia, inspiration, and dream.”

Real-life fairytale




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