Horses gather at fence to get a glimpse of newborn foal with rare and meaningful markings

In Native American culture, this foal’s unusual markings have deep meaning. Mother Nature creates masterpieces like this, every single time.

Their beautiful American Paint Horses have been a source of pride for Jackie and Scott Nelson for many years. Additionally, they have bred and birthed their own horses for many years.

Consequently, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to them when a filly is born.

This filly’s birth caused them to be in for a big surprise.

Coconut was born to a horse named Poka.

Known as a Medicine Hat horse, Coconut is a rare breed of horse.

Within Indigenous cultures in the United States, the Medicine Hat Horse is revered.

Horses with supernatural powers and good luck were known to be brought by these animals.

When in battle, they were believed to sense impending danger and protect the rider.

Chiefs and Medicine Men were the only ones allowed to ride Medicine Hat Horses.

Medicine Hat Horses are distinct from other horses. What makes them unique?

There are colored patches covering the top of the head and ears of a Medicine Hat Horse.

It is possible for them to have other markings as well.

It is their shield if they have a patch of color on their chest, as Coconut does.

Coconut also has a black line around one of her blue eyes, making her an even rarer Medicine Hat Horse.

Sky Eye is the name given to one blue eye.

A blue sky eye, in Indian mythology, carries the spirits of Indian chiefs and medicine men to their Gods if they die in battle.

As Jackie and Scott Nelson first saw Coconut, it must have been a remarkable sight.

Her markings also made her even rarer since she wasn’t just a Medicine Hat Horse.

There is something very special about this filly.

Considering Coconut was only two days old, it’s no surprise they wanted to show her off.

Coconut and Poka’s first outdoor excursion took place a day after their birth, and Jackie and Scott Nelson recorded it.

Her wobbly legs are still causing Coconut problems, but she loves being outdoors with her mother.

Coconut and Poka are also visited by all the horses on the ranch.

To get a closer look at Coconut, the horses line up against the fence.

New horse in town is attracting a lot of attention from these horses.

Her lanky legs allow Coconut to run around effortlessly.

Despite her best intentions, she wasn’t able to run on her own.

Coconut’s mother follows her wherever she runs.

Coconut is guarded by Poka when it gets close to the fence so that no other animal or person gets in the way.

Mother coconut protects her baby!

The family dog even kisses Coconut for the first time!

A rare filly is the focus of attention for every member of the Down Under Colour farm, and each dog wants to be included.

When the dog kisses Coconut, she shows just as much interest in him.

There was no way she was going to get that close to the dog!

Take a look at the beautiful Medicine Hat horse in the video below!




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