Husky gets shown an empty field after being chained entire life

The dog who is leashed, feels this pain…Dogs are supposed to explore and discover the world around them. If we aretrapped in our homes, we would feel our spirits crushed knowing that our opportunities for adventure have been removed.

There is much to discover in the world, so many sights, smells, and activities to enjoy.

Being on a chain constantly does not give a dog the opportunity to experience life to the fullest.

I am not able to imagine the impact it must have had on this dog’s spirit.

The experience that he was about to undergo will, however, be one that will remain with him for the rest of his life.

Most of us do not allow our dogs to roam freely all over the house, but we do allow them to run and explore at certain times during the day.

There are many places to take your dog, including dog parks, woods, fields, or even your own backyard!

Sadly, for some dogs, their owners are unable to devote the time necessary in order to allow them to explore as they desire.

Biscuit has lived all of his life on a chain. Biscuit is an Alaskan Malamute who has spent his entire life on a chain. It is important that every dog has access to exercise, freedom, fresh air, and the ability to experience life fully.

A Malamute is a breed of dog that is used to pull sleds and run in the snow.

The dogs are hearty and curious and enjoy exploring new places.

There are sled dogs that are trained to run 125 miles a day. They are working dogs who take great pride in their accomplishments and are devoted to their owners and their jobs.

The inhumanly cruel practice of chaining sled dogs to equipment is something that ought to be forbidden. “Huskies that are well-conditioned for racing can run more than one hundred miles per day for ten days straight. Racing Huskies can run for as much as 11 hours per day.” Bark Story

Biscuit appears to be very happy when we first see him.

A sled dog that has never run before is about to take off and run for the first time!

In the absence of knowing how long Biscuit had been chained up for, the moment may not seem all that remarkable.

Biscuit has no idea what is about to occur when he is taken by his owner based on the color of his coat.

She releases him into the field, giving him a running start. The first moment he experiences is quite different from “running around.”.

It is the first time that Biscuit has had this much freedom, looking more like a rabbit on the move.

Taking advantage of this new environment, he leaps, runs, and explores all around him.

The lack of a chain allows Biscuit to run around and sniff everything he can find. Going from place to place and smelling everything he comes across, Biscuit seems to be having the time of his life. For this sled dog breed, this was probably one of the best experiences of his life.

Taking a full stride and stretching his legs, Biscuit feels what freedom is all about.

A whole new world has opened up for this dog, and his next step may be to climb out of a car window.

This is a moment you will want to watch below as he is shown the affection and care he deserves. It is a moment he will be forever grateful for.




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