Rescuers Save Mama Black Bear Stuck In Storm Drain And Realize She Isn’t Alone

There was an accident in Simsbury, Connecticut, that excited everyone watching the whole rescuing process. The Simsbury Police, the State Environmental Conservation Police, and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection not only did their best, but also photographers and reporters were on site. You are invited to read what transpired and how it ended.

A momma bear and her cubs were discovered in one of the storm drains on a residential street. As she cried throughout the night, neighbors contacted 911 to request assistance. Police officers, rescuers, and experts arrived quickly and discussed the best way to assist the bear mother and cubs.

It has been reported that the bear mother drank water from a nearby stream and walked into the storm drain system, causing it to collapse. After discovering that her cubs followed her, she was desperate and could not find an exit. As time passed, the cubs became more petrified, so officers approached them with heightened anxiety and caution, resulting in a difficult rescue.

After removing two grates over the two storm drains, the officers discovered that the bears had traveled further down the pipe to another drain. Therefore, they removed the grate and installed a board and ladder in hope that she would try to escape together with the cubs. Nevertheless, when she tested them out, they did not work. As a result, she returned to the first place where the men found her, even though the men obtained a good-sized log instead to lower her in. Afterward, they moved the board, ladder, and log into the nearest storm drain.

A brave DEEP female biologist climbed down the ladder to check on the momma and cubs cowering down there while a male biologist was using a very convincing bear cub “call” to get the momma to want to come out to see what “cub” needed help. Amazingly, it worked. The momma’s head popped up. Then, she climbed out, looked around, and went back to encourage the cubs.




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