An ex-racing greyhound with a goofy grin is looking for a forever home

After retiring from the track, the pooch is looking for a new home.

Cheshire Dogs Home (CDH) in Warrington has already fallen in love with Ross’ goofy grin, and they think his unique smile will help him find a loving home.

Having retired from racing, Ross is an extroverted boy who is excited about what lies ahead.

The most distinctive feature of his design is his “teefs”, which will certainly turn heads on the street.

Ross needs an outdoor space of at least one acre, as well as a home with no small animals or cats.

The charity’s spokesperson said: ‘He is sociable with larger dogs, however dogs with high prey drive may confuse him with the lure they have been trained to chase in the park. It is strongly recommended that he continue to wear a muzzle in his new home, as he is trained to do so while walking.

‘He would love a secure garden where he can run about and play safely.’

Ross is a couch potato who enjoys sleeping despite his high speeds on the race track.

Much like other greyhounds, he enjoys two or three shorter walks a day – to use up his energy in short bursts – whichleaves plenty of time for napping, playing and cuddling.

A potential adopter must, however, be willing to contend with some of Ross’ quirks.

Ex-racers typically quickly outgrow puppy behaviors, such as chewing, said the spokesperson.

‘Greyhounds are eager to please and can be trained with patience, consistency and positive reinforcement.

‘Most greyhounds do not know how to sit, climb stairs, or play games only because they have not yet learned. With time they can learn all of these things.’

As Ross will be unfamiliar with hoovers and TVs, he will need a patient owner during this adjustment period.

Anyone interested in adopting Ross from Cheshire Dogs Home can contact them on 0300 102 1212 or




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