‘UK’s loneliest dog’ looking for a home after four years in the shelter

After being rescued in August 2017, Sue was taken to Bath Cats and Dogs by the RSPCA.

A few months after she was adopted in 2018, the owner’s circumstances changed, and she was returned to the shelter.

Ninety-four other dogs have found loving homes in the shelter since Sue, dubbed the UK’s ‘loneliest dog’, lived there for four years. However, staff members cannot figure out why Sue hasn’t found a match – she walks well on the lead, loves to play with toys and is very affectionate.

‘We’re baffled as to why poor Sue hasn’t been rehomed,’ said Rachel Jones, Chief Executive of Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Despite our adoration for her and our desire for her to find her own home, we are desperate for her to live with us.

As Sue has some challenging behaviors that need to be unlearned, she needs an experienced owner who can help her with her training.

She has already learnt basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ and would easily be able to pick up more.

A new owner would also have to be able to take off and put on her muzzle easily.

The owner of Sue said: ‘Sue is a cute, intelligent dog who can get a little overexcited at times, so she would benefit from an owner who is able to continue training her.

Because Sue is a chaser, she must be walked with a muzzle when out and about, and we never let her run free unless we’re in a safe area.

The owner of Sue said Sue would probably prefer to be around most of the time at first, even if she is happy to entertain herself.

Anyone who thinks they can give Sue a loving home should contact rehoming@bcdh.org.uk.




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