Boy Tries To Go Sledding But The Mini Horses Don’t Want To Be Left Out Of The Fun

Sledding is among the nicest aspects of snow days. Children like lining up at the top of a hill covered in snow before swooshing as quickly as they can back down. They must not be the only ones, since these little horses also like sledding!

This video captures one child having a joy on the ideal sledding hill in Maryland’s White Tail Farm. Marlene, his grandmother, is watching him enjoy himself while sledding in the picturesque surroundings while being chased behind by a large herd of miniature horses.

The little horses play a game similar to follow the leader and follow the boy up and down the slope in the sweetest video we’ve ever seen. The youngster is followed carefully by the black, brown, and white horses up the slope until he reaches the ideal place to slide down.

The horses gallop and play beside him as he slides on the snow as he jumps onto the sled and until he reaches the bottom. Once there, they all assemble around her grandson and appear to be having a great time.

Watching the ecstatic little horses play in the snow, rush about the youngster, and manage to avoid stepping on him is both cute and comical. Grandma is laughing contagiously as she watches her grandson and horses play in the snow, so you can’t help but join her.

The little horses are charming and clearly enjoying themselves with their human companion as he descends the icy slope. You’ll want to join in the fun since they are so adorable as they run around and dance in the snow.

What a wonderful day for this fortunate child and a wonderful memory for granny as well. Watching the horses have fun with their family and play together on a chilly winter day is nearly heavenly.




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