Bernedoodle melts 7M hearts hugging his little brother after school

His favorite boy waits for him every day at the school bus stop.

Whenever I get home from school, I enjoy looking forward to this delightful scene to greet me. This youngster had just returned from school. And he is being awaited by not just his mother, but also his loyal dog.

It appears the dog is rushing to meet his sibling halfway in the video, but he did not sprint; he walked to meet his sibling. In the video he can be seen watching from the front yard as his human sibling gets off the school bus.

A hard day of racing and chasing his tail might have left him wanting to stretch his legs. Upon greeting his brother, the dog does something that most likely explains why his leg extended. He raises himself to his back legs and embraces him. What a thoughtful gesture! In addition, the dog refused to let go of his brother, which suggests this is a daily greeting for them. His brother did not seem surprised by the dog’s behavior. The human brother hugged him back, and the dog kissed him. Maybe he has been teaching his dog to do this and now he has succeeded! It looks like they spend the majority of their waking hours together (when the human isn’t at school).

Bernedoodles, a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, are excellent family pets. This hybrid combines the finest of both worlds. They have the cheerful, lively demeanor of a Bernese Mountain Dog with the intellect of a Poodle. They enjoy playing with youngsters, especially small toddlers who can match their activity.

As puppies, they get along best with small children, and are best suited for homes with young children, Garrett wrote for Trending Breeds. “They thrive in families where they are able to interact with the younger members of the family,” Garrett said.

Despite being a mixed breed, Bernedoodles appear different from one another. Two Bernedoodles may look the same at first glance, but it’s difficult to distinguish between them.

Their height and weight are two unmistakable characteristics.

It is estimated that Bernedoodle puppies will reach their full size at around 12 to 14 months of age, weighing between 50 and 90 pounds.

Unfortunately, while they can be your best buddy, they are not the finest guard dogs.

The dogs do not bark when they see someone unknown (whether it’s a dog or a person). They might even become friends with the intruder.

Here’s an adorable video of a dog and his human brother interacting.




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