Great Dane has ‘moment of zen’ on trampoline

There is no doubt that Great Danes are one of the most massive breeds of dog out there. Their height is typically 30 to 34 inches, and they can weigh 120 to 200 pounds. These dogs are referred to as “Apollo of dogs.”.

As a result, a family in Niagara Falls, Ontario renamed their 10-month-old Great Dane Moose in honor of the breed’s large size.

Moose hasn’t reached his full size yet because he’s still a puppy.

As a result, he decided he wanted to play on the family trampoline before he grew up.

It wasn’t exactly a plaything. It was a napping platform. And not just a light one.

His mom didn’t like the idea of the dog napping on the trampoline. He was in a deep sleep lying on his back with his hand over his face.

Her porch door was open and she called out to him, “Moose.” Then she kissed him, but it didn’t catch his attention. Moose still had a long way to go.

His name was called again and again by mom.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed, shocked that Moose didn’t seem bothered by her.

In the middle of his blissful sleep, Moose looked very happy exactly where he was. She called him once more, but he didn’t answer.

After whistling for a while, Mom finally managed to wake up Moose.

Moose was awakened by the whistling sound, which penetrated his deep sleep.

In spite of that, he was not exactly happy about it. He did not seem too pleased and was not quite ready to ditch cozy mode just yet.

While his body was all flopped around oddly and twisted, making his reaction even funnier, he just looked at his mom and asked, “Why are you waking me up?”.

In commenting on a video, someone asked, “Why does he look like a fallen gargoyle?”?”

It appeared that mom was also confused by his positioning.

“What are you doing?” his mother asked him. “What are you doing?”

There should have been no doubt about that. He was sleeping and thoroughly enjoying the moment until his mom reminded him that it is time to get up. Moose’s little nap has millions of fans laughing hysterically. Not just one or two million fans.

Almost 12.2 million people viewed the video, which was shared by Viral Hog.

According to a YouTube commenter, “Moose was asleep and was in the zone. There was no need to disturb him. He’s adorable.”.

Seeing him sleeping, another said, “He got tired of jumping and is now taking a good nap.”.

He had the look on his face that said, “I know you ain’t waking me up to ask me no stupid questions.”.

Those who were in need of a laugh today can check out the video below to see how he reacted to being awakened at 3am




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