Spending a lifetime in chains, Dog can’t hold back his tears when rescued

Although dogs are adorable and lovable creatures, their loyalty to their owners makes them unique. However, they suffer as a result. They are not treated with the respect they deserve.

There has been an increase in the mistreatment of dogs by their owners. Rescue organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to save all dogs, but they don’t give up and continue to help as many as they can.

In the end, Victor Larkhill, a founder of Let’s Adopt International, received a call telling him about a dog in dire need of help, and he drove there to find it. The adorable Fox Terrier received a second chance at life thanks to help from Victor Larkhill.

They couldn’t believe what they saw when they reached Cartel in Spain with their volunteers.

A puppy was sitting next to a wall in chains. The pup’s fur was matted all over, so it was obvious that the pup had been completely neglected. She also had a tumor that prevented her from sitting.

But despite the mistreatment she got, she was very friendly with Victor and his team. There was kindness in her eyes and she started licking her savior’s hand.

When the puppy was released from her chains, she was not even given a name. So the chain is removed and she is named Maria. The dog was overcome with emotions upon realizing she is now free. She started crying.

The tumor was removed at a veterinarian clinic, and Maria is now recovering. Let’s Adopt International saved a dog’s life by removing her tumor.

Check out the video below:




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